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A WOMAN has sparked a huge debate online after admitting that she was dress-coded at work – while wearing a long-sleeve shirt. 

The anonymous woman took to Reddit to ask users whether her outfit was too sexy after her boss suggested she wear a turtleneck when meeting with clients. 

Posting under the name @u/mosanfo, she wrote: “I work in a very casual office in a sales position that requires me to spend most of my day out meeting with clients.

“I would say my wardrobe consists mainly of dark slacks, clean sneakers and either a button-down shirt or a turtleneck. 

“I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes so I tend to cycle through the same 7-8 outfits.

“Today I was wearing black slacks with my white leather rag and bone sneakers (found at TJ Maxx for $60!) with a white button-down shirt from Express with pinstripes. 


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“My boss pulled me into his office and told me that he worries about clients being distracted by the way I dress and wasting my time because they are attracted to my looks. 

“Then he motioned to the top button of my shirt. While it was unbuttoned at the top, I’m not a busty girl and I didn’t think it was inappropriate. 

“He told me he thinks I’m a ‘lovely girl’ but to ‘try a turtleneck’. 

“I am not sure what to wear to work at all now. I feel very embarrassed because I thought I was dressing professionally and now I’m not so sure!

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“If it’s too low cut please let me know, I honestly just want to know – I have a few shirts I wear that are the same style that I’m thinking of getting rid of now.”

Alongside, the woman shared a picture of the shirt her boss questioned – a fitted white and black striped shirt with full-length sleeves and a v-neck. 

Her post sparked a huge debate online, gaining more than 83 votes and 116 comments. 

Some disagreed with her boss, with one writing: “I'm just stuck on how the boss handled this! He should not be calling you ‘lovely’ and I actually consider a lot of turtlenecks to accentuate the bust. I'd be tempted to go to HR to review dress code and file a complaint.”

Another said: “Yep. It’s not the shirt that’s inappropriate, it’s the clients (and apparently the boss).”

However some did agree the fit and neckline did make it a little ‘sexy’, with one adding: “I don't think the shirt is too revealing, but I do think it's a bit too snug. 

“That combined with the lower neck could come across as more ‘sexy’, especially in certain movements (anything that stretches the shoulders could make it gap, bending over, etc).”

Someone else put: “I’m sensing I’m going to be the unpopular opinion on this post, but I do think it would be more appropriate to button one more button. Then it’s okay to leave the buttons loose around the collar, but the button above your bust should be closed.”

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