Mum shares the proof her daughter was jammed under her ribs during pregnancy – it has people saying they never want kids | The Sun

PREGNANCY is different for everyone. Each mother goes through a completely unique experience which is why some mothers have a much easier ride than others. 

One woman who definitely didn’t have it easy during her pregnancy is Bethany Love.

Near the end of her pregnancy felt an ache in her ribs but wasn’t sure what the cause was. 

After giving birth she soon found out why her ribs were aching. 

Bethan shared her story in a video online. 

She showed pictures of herself throughout her pregnancy, the first being when she first felt an ache in her ribs. 

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She said: “Gets a really achy rib last month or so of pregnancy.”

Bethany said: “Makes joke about having a foot stuck in my ribcage.”

Bethany then shared a photo of her daughter not long after birth. 

She said: “Turns out I did have a foot stuck in my ribcage.”

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Bethany’s daughter's foot was stuck in her ribcage during the later months of the pregnancy which was causing the pain in her ribs. 

Bethany’s video gained over 127,000 views. 

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Some viewers say they had a similar experience during their pregnancy. 

Luckily, fixing the baby’s foot is quite easy overtime. 

One commenter said: “Me too! My little boy came out with talipes in both feet. Apparently it’s really easy to adjust with physio.”

Bethany replied: “I just massaged hers myself and it went back.”

One expectant mother said she couldn't stop thinking about the video.

She said: “Mine is just now starting to kick and now all I'm gonna think about is this.”

Many viewers said the video was so scary it was putting them off having kids. 

One commenter said: “My mouth is stuck open in shock. My goodness mama.”

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Another commenter said: “New fear unlocked”

Many viewers were calling for ‘the girl with the list’ a creator of TikTok who compiles all the pregnancy and birth horror stories' she finds online and creates a list of reasons in her phone as to why to she should not have kids.

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