Mum shares sandwich hack and parents reckon it’s a game changer for the kids’ school lunchboxes

AS the kids head back to school, it is now time for parents to become creative again to make sure their children's packed lunches are fun for them to eat. 

And one mum’s savvy lunchtime trick has become an instant hit with parents and kids EVERYWHERE. 

She revealed how to make a perfectly round toasty by just using a toaster.

The mum-of-two, Alicia Kissane-Robinson, 37, posted a video showing off the hack on Facebook after adapting it for her own family by using banana and almond spread as the filling – but parents are welcome to use their own fillings. 

She said the rounded sandwiches have proved a hit in her household. 

In the post, which has since gone viral across social media, Alicia wrote: “My five-year-old immediately asked if I will pack them in her lunch when school starts.”

First she takes a slice of bread and adds her filling on it, before placing another slice of bread on top to make it a sandwich. 

She then takes a large glass and uses it to press down and cut out a circle-shaped sandwich from the centre of the slice of bread.

Once cut into a perfectly round circle, she then seals it shut so it can be put into a toaster.

The sandwich is ready once it is golden brown on the inside and hot and oozing on the inside. 

Other mums in the group were impressed, calling the toaster hack a 'gamechanger'.  

The hack means parents can make round toasties whenever they want, without needing a toastie machine.

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