Mum shares clever hack to make sure sand NEVER gets stuck to your kids' hands & feet

WITH the heatwave promising sky high temperatures this week, many of us will be heading for the beach to celebrate freedom day.

However, any parent will be all too familiar with the grief that comes with sandy fingers and toes when it comes to pack up and go home.

However, one mum has revealed her ‘genius’ tip for making sure that sand never gets stuck to kids’ hands and feet.

Instagram user @goldilocks.bears.x revealed the simple trick in a video, that has since gone viral after being shared by Netmums.

In the video, the mum explains that you simply need to pack a bottle of talcum powder next time your family hits the beach.

She writes: “Anyone off to the beach soon? Number one thing to take is baby powder.

“Sand is usually really hard to get off your hands and feet but with a little talc it comes right off.”


She then demonstrates as she sprinkles the white powder on her children’s hands, seeing the grains of sand brush straight off.

The video has received almost 1,000 likes and hundreds of comments from seriously impressed parents.

One wrote: “We do this, it really works!!!”

“Will have to remember some for our beach day!” added another, while a third wrote, “Mind blown!”

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