Mum-of-three tries to 'normalise' not cleaning her toilet for a MONTH, but trolls demand she ‘do to better for the kids’

A PREGNANT mother-of-three has been slammed online for trying to "normalise" not cleaning her toilet for a month.

Taking to TikTok, Amanda McG, from the US, can be heard making a retching noise as she films her filthy toilet which is in desperate need of a clean.

In the clip, she says: "This is the toilet…I'm so embarrassed about that. Yeah I know, super embarrassing. I haven't cleaned it in like a month.

It gets really dirty, really bad. Please don't come at me. I get it, I know. I don't need to hear it."

The busy mother can then be seen using bleach and multi-surface cleaner, before giving the loo a proper scrub with a brush.


"Not perfect, but better," she adds.

Alongside the short clip, she wrote: "I get it…it's bad and I'm lazy about cleaning my bathroom but I did it #normalizethemess #messyhousemom."

However it wasn't long before the comments section was inundated with very mixed responses – with many not believing the build up of grime was just from a month's worth of no cleaning.

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"A month… girl don't lie," wrote one, while a second penned: "Stop hashtagging normalise the mess! There's no excuse, it needs to say normalise cleaning everyday or at least every other day!"

A third added: "I have 7 kiddos that mess the house up…but never have I ever seen a toilet like that. Like the behind the seat is just."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "I grew up in a house like this and this is something your kids won’t forget. I’m not trying to shame you, but please do better."

A further wrote: "Unacceptable especially if you have kids in the house! Please do better, for your kids," with one more chiming in:"My bathroom but I did it #normalizethemess #messyhousemom."This is more like months. No excuses!"

However, others defended the pregnant mother for trying her best.

"You know what, I don’t think it really matters how long it’s been. You got up and did it. Congratulations," wrote one.

Another praised: "So proud of you. I know it’s so hard to keep up with daily chores, especially when you’re going through things."

Elsewhere, a third added: "Not y'all mum-shaming this poor woman. The important thing is that she realised how bad it had gotten and fixed it.

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