Mum-of-three shares the clever way she makes her mountains of laundry way less overwhelming & gets her kids involved too | The Sun

A MUM-OF-THREE has been praised after sharing the clever way she makes the laundry process less overwhelming.

Kyree took to Instagram to share a video of her hack, which also gets her kids involved too.

She began by showing how she has a foldable laundry basket for every family member.

Once the washing was done and ready to put away, she put each person's clothes in their corresponding basket.

She then put the basket outside each child's bedroom door, at which point it becomes their responsibility to fold it up and put it away.

"I find this system really helpful, it usually encourages me to put away the clothes as I go or the kids help put away from their own baskets," Kyree wrote in the caption for the Reel.

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"I get distracted really easily and this basket system really keeps me on track.

"So I actually finish the task from start to finish."

She added that with five of them in the family, they do a load of laundry per day, "which really helps keep the put away piles small and not as overwhelming".

People quickly took to the comments section to praise her for the hack, with one writing: "So good.

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"I have a everyone folds their own clothes policy in this household."

"We do this too," another added.

"I take the baskets out to the clothes line so everyone’s things go straight from the line into their basket, then to their room.

"No sorting required!"

As a third commented: "I’ve just implemented this system this week with my 3 kids… haven’t got to the putting away stage yet but dividing the clothes into each basket already feels like a win!!"

"Such a great idea – they look like a manageable size too," another said.

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