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Mum makes her hard water-stained kettle look brand new with two-ingredient trick

But now one woman has revealed her genius hack for getting her hard water-stained kettle sparkling in no time – and we can't believe we never thought of it before.

Revealing her simple cleaning trick on the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, the woman posted a "gross" photo of the hard water stains in the inside of her kettle.

Despite only buying the device a year ago, the bottom and sides of the kettle had been stained an unsightly brown from a build up of limescale.

But rather than spending a small fortune on cleaning supplies, the savvy mum looked no further than her fruit bowl to sort the common household problem.

Insisting that she's been left "seriously amazed" by the straightforward cleaning hack, the mum wrote: "Literally sliced lemons, added water and boiled. Did this twice and now looks great."

Yes all it took was a sliced lemon and some boiling water to get her kettle back to its sparkling best.

Responding to the woman's hack, another user wrote: "Wow. I am doing this right now."

A second replied: "This is an amazing result."

Throwing another suggestion into the mix, one user replied: "I have exactly the same kettle. I use vinegar instead of lemon. Only need to biol once then rinse and it shines like new."

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