Mum makes helpful university pack for daughter and people are praising her for including condoms

A MUM has been praised for making a uni pack for her daughter that included condoms.

Kirsty Wenden shared a photo of the sweet goodie bag, which featured Maltesers, Pot Noodle, a First Aid kit – and a packet of Thin Feel Durex condoms. 

Taking to Facebook, she wrote: “Hello guys, my daughter is going to university 4hours away from where we live.

“So decided to do a uni freshers week kit.

“Would there be anything else to add? Shes going to kill me for doing this hahaha.”

While many people were quick to praise the caring idea, many comments related to the inclusion of the condoms.

One person wrote under the photo: “Happy to see the condoms in here, too many parents kid themselves about uni life and have children who don’t feel like they can talk to them about it.”


Another added: “Better to be safe than sorry”, and one agreed saying: “10/10 for providing with condoms!”

A third commented: “You're a cool mom.”

However, a fourth said: “If you’ve got condoms, may as well put in the morning after pill just in case!”

Thankfully Kirsty said her daughter loved the pack – even with the contraception addition.

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