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Mum left red-faced (quite literally) for two days when her daughter swaps face paint for lip stain

Mum-of-two Leanne Short, 35, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, was horrified to discover her skin had been dyed scarlet when her little girl Rosie Short, nine, had coated her entire face in the long lasting bright red lip stain.

Leanne claimed her bathroom looked like a 'murder scene' after she spent hours trying to scrub the red makeup off her face – and left handprints all over her bath and shower.

Rosie had begged Leanne to allow her to give her a pre-Halloween makeover and the doting mum couldn't resist her daughter's pleas.

Cheeky Rosie first intended to transform her mum into a clown – but was so surprised at how well the red 'paint' was working she changed her mind and coloured in her whole face to make her a lobster instead.

Leanne suspected something was wrong when her skin started to tingle and burn – and quickly realised the little girl's error.

Despite Leanne spending hours failing to scrub away the lip stain with water, makeup remover, baking soda and even vinegar, Rosie thought her mum's new look was hilarious.

But the mix-up meant red-faced Leanne spent two days having to sport her unfortunate new look in public – leaving her feeling 'like a social leper'.

Leanne said: "It was a genuine mistake – I think.

"The other items she used are just sticks of face paint wax and she just picked up the lip stain.

"She said to me 'can I decorate you and see what you'd look like for Halloween'? We've got some Halloween makeup pens and various bits and I said yes.

"It was actually a lipstick I'd got in Primark, a red lip stain, and it was in my makeup bag.

"I don't know if it fell out of my makeup bag into the other stuff but she picked it up. She said 'oh I'll make you red'."

She continued: "She had said she was giving me clown lips to turn me into a clown but then she said 'I'll do the whole face'.

"I just sat there and she said do a selfie. She'd done it on my lips and I was thinking it was looking terrible because I was in my pyjamas.

"She was really proud, which is why in the selfies she's got her thumbs up and things. I was just thinking 'I'm glad you're happy'.

"That Halloween stuff just washes off but when it started tingling and burning and that's when I realised it wasn't right. I was just thinking 'oh no'.

"I said show me that Halloween stuff you're using. And that's when I realised it was lip stain."

She continued: "When I couldn't get it off and it was burning she was saying 'oh mum, I'm sorry!', but then when I was scrubbing she was wetting herself. She thought it was so funny.

"She thought it was hilarious. She just said 'you're going to have to take me to school looking like that, I'm so embarrassed'. But she did that to me! She thought it was so funny.

"It took hours and hours to get off. It was in my eyebrow hair, my hairline. It faded on my face after about two days.

"When I washed it it smudged, so as I washed it off it was on my face and dripped down the skin onto my neck.

"As I was trying to scrub it off it just ran down my neck and onto my chests. It ran all down my hands. The more I was scrubbing it the worse I was making it.

"It looked like a murder scene or something because there were just red handprints everywhere. I had to use bleach [on the tiles] to scrub that off because it had all gone into the grouting."

She said: "There were handprints on the white bath and on the shower. It spread everywhere. That would have been good for Halloween because it looked like a crime scene."

The family love Halloween and have a big party planned featuring a big dinner of gory food and plenty of costumes.

But after her ordeal earlier this year Leanne has sworn not to let Rosie come near her with makeup again.

Leanne, a stay-at-home-mum, said: "This Halloween I will be making sure she's not doing anything on me at all.

"I've got an outfit and a dress and I'll paint my face – yes, I will paint my face, not Rosie – with the correct stuff."

She added: "I had to take her to school so I had to brush my hair down so you couldn't see how red it was in my hair. That was quite bad.

"When I covered it up with foundation it wasn't as bad on my face but it looked like I had red lines all through my eyebrows and in my hairline and that took five or six days to go.

"I had to take her to school and pick her up from school and go shopping and do all the normal things I usually do.

"My partner joked that he didn't want to be seen with me. All I was trying to do was entertain the kids and I'd become a social leper instead.

"I was trying to keep my hair down brushed over my face, but Rosie just thought it was funny and said 'look at my mum's face – show them your eyebrows mum!'."

She finished: "It was a source of entertainment for her. I suppose if you're making someone laugh you're making someone happy. But it was terrible.

"It highlighted every wrinkle as well. I was going 'my wrinkles aren't normally that bad are they?'

"A few of the mums [at school] looked and looked back and probably just thought it was highlights or something like that that had gone wrong.

"But my friends thought it was hilarious and were asking how I could let her do that.

"I thought it was face paint – I didn't know. They thought I was mad because I let her do it."

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