Mum gets lunch box shamed by her daughter’s teacher but can you spot why?

A WOMAN has been left puzzled after a teacher shamed her for her child's packed lunch.

Posting a variety of photos of the lunches she packs to a Facebook group, the mum said the teacher told her she needs to "simplify" the lunches she packs as other kids have become jealous.

She explained in the group that she sends her daughter, who is in kindergarten, to school with leftovers, vegetables, fruit and yoghurt.

The mother said she has been struggling to come up with "simple" ideas that her daughter will enjoy while also keeping her teachers happy.

She is now struggling to come up with 'simple' ideas which will satisfy her daughter without further irritating her teachers.


"I see some mamas sending lobster and seafood and very fancy, beautiful lunches. I think her teacher would just about have a heart attack if I did," she said.

The mother said the lunches she prepares aren't extravagant and she often just puts in whatever she has on hand.

People flooded to the comments, with many saying they didn't agree with the teacher and encouraging the mother to keep doing what she's doing.

"All I see is healthy prepared meals. You're not even cutting the fruits and veggies into special shapes lol. That teacher needs to calm down," one person wrote.

"Those lunches look great and super kindergarten appropriate. Why should you feed your daughter less of what she likes just because other parents don’t pack good lunches," said another.

Other group members said the teacher should be focusing on using this situation as a teachable moment.

"This looks like a teaching opportunity for the teacher. She can teach the kids how to react positively when they feel jealous of something another person has. This is definitely not your problem," one mum said. 

A fourth person added: "Just because I make my daughter a ham sandwich doesn’t mean it’s made with any less love than this meal. But I would love if my daughter saw someone eating a lunch like this and asked me to make it."

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