Mum creates Mrs Hinch-inspired kitchen using £28 Amazon sticky wrap after being quoted £7k for renovation – The Sun

EVER been quoted a ridiculous price for a small home improvement project and thought, 'I could do this better myself'? Anyone? Just us?

Well one woman who knows a little something about this is Karisha Williams – a mum-of-three who was recently given a £7,000 quote to revamp her kitchen.

The mum wanted to give her cupboards a new lease of life when she consulted a professional.

However, Karisha was astonished when she was told it would cost £600 alone – and began researching how she could do it herself.

Sharing impressive before-and-after images of her kitchen transformation on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, Karisha wrote: "I was quoted over £600 for my kitchen cupboards to be wrapped!! And £7000 for a new kitchen.

"So I bought a new side and wrapped the cupboards myself."

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Karisha used three of Amazon's £28 adhesive rolls to revamp her tired wooden cupboards and make them shiny and grey like Mrs Hinch's.

Available in pink, grey red, purple and black, these roll of PVC can be stuck directly on to surfaces and are wipe clean – making them ideal for kitchen surfaces.

As part of her DIY project, Karisha also paid £200 for a white tile splashback and replaced her metal cupboard handles with jewel knobs.

Hello Hinchers! How are you all? So when I told a few of my family and friends that I wanted to extend the house around the same time as being pregnant I was told “Soph no” ? “Soph it would be easier to move house”! But the truth is I didn’t want to leave our home ,the place that has honestly made me SO happy! I remember the day we picked up our keys , 3 years ago , and I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my life! And now look .. because of my home and because of you guys .. im that Mrs Hinch woman that everyone’s banging on about ?? So instead of moving house , We’ve grown our house , and we’ve grown our family too with our handsomes Ronnie! BUT I refuse to ever forget how this all started and it was right here ! In my kitchen , shining my sink. This part of my kitchen hasn’t changed at all and that’s exactly what I wanted , I have a larger house now and I feel so blessed but my favourite place to be in the house still to this day is right here .. in my kitchen. It may not be perfect to some people but it’s bloody perfect to me. Especially after I spent today hinching my washing machine ? so Have a wonderful evening Hinchers , I can’t wait to bath Ronnie and jump on the sofa with all my boys and my label machine ?? I have more labels to do! Lots of love from me and mine ???? ATB xxx #mrshinch #imahincher #hinched Flowers & vase @dunelmukTCS set @handmade_at_herbert_cottage *Flooring @amticoflooring #collaboration *Wallpots & flowers @ikeaukKitchen roll holder @boutiquediamondinteriors * Kettle @smeg_uk * {gifted*}

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Finishing off her kitchen transformation, she also bought a new set of white net curtains as well as a baby pink kettle, microwave and radio to add some colour into her otherwise grey, Mrs Hinch-inspired room.

Unsurprisingly, Karisha's incredible home improvement job has won praise in the group and racked up over 1,300 "likes".

One user gushed: "That looks amazing!!! I love the colour theme!"

Another raved: "Looks lovely, love the pink accessories."

Meanwhile, a third added: "So fresh and bright! Really lovely, well done!!"

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