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A MUM has been brutally shamed after admitting to making a major mistake with her child's nappy size.

Tasha took to TikTok to share a video of herself and her baby, as she wrote over the top: "POV: as a first time mum, you didn’t know the diaper size didn’t mean the amount of months your baby is.

"So your poor seven-month-old was wearing a size seven diaper up till eight months.

"And there were no more diaper sizes after that so you finally look up what size my eight-month-old needed… size 4.

"It was SIZE 4!!!"

"New mum problems," Tasha captioned her video.

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And the comments section of the clip was quickly filled with people slamming her for her mistake.

"Literally how could you have thought that," one person wrote.

"I bet the baby was probably peeing and pooping out the side of that thing," another added.

"But the box literally says the pounds," a third commented.

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"Whaaaaa, it says the weight on the box," someone else wrote.

"Wait what," another questioned.

While someone else raged: "The weights are literally printed on the package right under or next to the size."

"The way the diapers have the weight of the child on them to show which ones to use for your kid," another wrote.

However, other parents admitted they'd made the same mistake with their own kids.

"Girl, I’m thinking my baby wearing size 3 cause he’s 3 months," one wrote.

"I learned something today."

"Don't worry every first child is a trial and error child," another added.

"ME TOO HAHA I learned by size 3 tho," someone else commented.


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"I’m glad I’m not alone."

"I did this and NO ONE told me – I even lived with my parents at the time!" someone else said.

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