Mrs Hinch fans share the best ways they banish grim mould from their tile grout in minutes, including a 5p trick | The Sun

FANS of the cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch have shared their top remedies for getting rid of nasty mould from their bathrooms.

Known to thrive in damp conditions, mould is a common issue in millions of bathrooms and kitchens around the world – and social media user Lynn Smith was desperate to banish this fungi.

Looking for different hacks, Lynn took to Facebook to seek help from fellow fans of Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie Hinchliffe.

''Can anyone advise any cleaning advice to remove the grout stains on my bathroom window and the seal on the edge of my bath?'' she wondered.

Fortunately for Lynn – and anyone else dealing with this issue – the post was soon inundated with responses.

Whilst there were a number of methods suggested, for the most part cleaning fans advised to use HG mould spray that you can nab for £5.50 at Tesco and Amazon.


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Faye Doyle said: “I’d try HG mould spray on it.”

Carlyne McHugh penned: “HG Mould Spray Remover. Open the window, spray, wait 30 minutes and rinse, walk away.

“It’s really as difficult as that! It works on all mould and staining everywhere except unpainted wood. Original and best.”

Other recommendations included using bleach and cotton wool, Cillit Bang, Viakal and Dettol.

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Offering a helping hand, Leanne Gale suggested a 5p trick “Bleach and cotton wool pads and leave for 24 hours.”

Meanwhile, Sue Whitaker replied: “Saw someone on TV put some bleach on cotton wool and place on the mould.

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“Leave for about 20-30 minutes then take off and the mould has gone.”

Lynne Cottam said: “Cillit Bang black mould remover. Leave it on for a while and then wash it off. Brilliant stuff.”

Karen James posted: “Spray with Viakal and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse and repeat.”

Amanda Woods suggested: “Dettol mould and mildew works a treat.”

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