Most popular location-inspired baby names, including Madison, Jordan and the Beckham’s pick Brooklyn

THE most popular location-inspired baby names have been revealed, with Beckham’s choice Brooklyn making the top 10. 

Flowercard looked at data for babies born in the UK and the US over a decade, looking for names matching “towns, cities, countries, and even continents”.

Overall Madison – a city in the US – was the most popular for boys and girls, given to 208,979 babies from 2010-2019.

In second place was Jordan, a unisex name inspired by a country in the middle east, which saw 247,090 kids sharing the monniker.

In third place is US city Jackson, another unisex choice, which 231,193 children were called over a decade. 

Next is Austin, a city in the US state of Texas, which saw 191,755 kids named after it. 

Top 10 location-inspired baby names

  1. Madison
  2. Jordan
  3. Jackson
  4. Austin
  5. Sofia
  6. Savannah
  7. Sydney
  8. Brooklyn
  9. Hudson
  10. Lincoln

Making up the top five is Sofia, a city in Bulgaria, which inspired 146,174 choices. 

Next was Savannah, another city in the US and African eco-system, which lent its name to 122,925 kids. 

Sydney, a choice popular for both boys and girls, saw 109,644 people named after the Australian city. 

Brooklyn came in eighth place with 102,253 people named after the US borough – including David and Victoria Beckham’s son. 

Hudson, a city and a famous river in America, inspired 70,177 parents, while Lincoln, a UK town famed for its cathedral, lent its title to 67,878 names. 

The stats showed location names are a firm favourite among parents, who commemorate the city their kids were conceived in, live in or have family connections with.  

Flowercard said: “Many parents take inspiration from everything from the world of nature to their favourite fictional characters, and there are plenty of parents who choose a name based on their favourite city in the world, the place they were born, or even a memorable holiday destination.”

They also examined the most popular names named after UK-only locations, with Scotland, the capital and a few London boroughs making the list. 

After Lincoln, Camden was the most popular choice, with 48,158 children named after the north London hot spot. 

In third place is the capital itself, London, which was given to 43,019 kids. 

Top 10 UK-inspired baby names

  1. Lincoln
  2. Camden
  3. London
  4. Devon
  5. Chelsea
  6. Skye
  7. Harlow
  8. Bristol
  9. Kendal
  10. Chester

Next was seaside destination, Devon, with 35,485 names, and in fifth place was another London area, Chelsea, given to 35,331 children. 

In sixth place was Scottish Skye, which saw 26,995 people named after it, and 9,049 kids share their name with Essex’s Harlow. 

Some 7,845 youngsters were named after Bristol, while 7,161 share their name with Kendal, famous for its mint cake.

And making up the top ten is Chester, with 4,506 children named after the town, including Holly Willoughby’s son.

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