Millie Radford reveals the cute baby name she's chosen for her 2nd daughter as she shares adorable first pics | The Sun

MILLIE Radford has announced her newborn daughter's adorable name, while sharing the first pictures of her new arrival.

The 22-year-old is now a mum-of-three, as she also has daughter Ophelia and son Chester.

She announced the baby's birth on Instagram on Wednesday night, and revealed the tot's moniker in the post.

"Our perfect new addition," she wrote.

"Elodie-Jade, weighing 7.10lb. Born 19/09/23."

Elodie has risen in the popularity ranks of baby names in recent years, and is currently the 93rd most popular female baby name out of 5581.

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It's a name of French origin, and comes from the original Greek spelling Alodia, which means "foreign riches".

"With a light and lyrical name like this, baby can be inspired to pursue a future filled with magical and worldly experiences," The Bump says of the name.

Meanwhile, Jade was among the top 25 most popular names for baby girls in the 1990s.

It ranked at the 16th most popular girls' name in 1994, while it has dropped in popularity since – ranking at number 654 in 2021.

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Millie Radford, 22, announces birth of third child

The name means "precious stone".

Millie – daughter of Sue and Noel Radford – chose to announce her kids' first and second names when revealing the births of Ophelia Jo and Chester Bleu.

But Elodie-Jade is the first double-barrelled name she's gone for.

Millie previously dropped a major hint about the tot's name by calling one of the highlights sections on her Instagram page "Baby E".

In the "Baby E" folder was a video of Millie getting a scan, with the baby's heartbeat heard in the background, and a picture of Ophelia rubbing her mum's tummy.

"Patiently waiting to feel her sissy kick away before bed," Millie had written over the top.

She'd also included her "last bump pic" in the folder too.

Millie previously revealed she'd settled on a name for her second daughter.

During a Q&A with fans, Millie was asked if she'd chosen a moniker for the baby.

To which she replied: "Yes and it’s really not as unusual as you are all expecting.

"I know a few little girls with the same name."


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She had also revealed in a previous Q&A that the baby names she loved but wouldn't be using included: "Poppy, Enya, Hattie, Harriet".

"Love them all," she added.

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