Metallic brows are the latest Instagram beauty trend… quite literally

INSTAGRAM is the hub of bizarre beauty trends, as make-up artists often use social media to showcase their creative looks.

While 'fierce' eyebrows usually suggest boldly filled in strong arches, one Instagrammer has added metal hardware so your look is hard as nails – literally.

A post shared by πŒπˆπ‹π€π ππ€π”π‘π€ππŽπ• (@milan_bauranov)

Milan Bauranov shared the looks to his Instagram, and although it’s one style you may not want to try at home, his followers quickly took to the comment section, calling them β€œcreative” and β€œcool”.

The make-up artist has used nails, wire, and even staples on his creations, and appears to have glued them on to the natural shape of the brow.

While many people are no stranger to an eyebrow piercing, Milan took it one step further and fixed 11 metal hoops around ones model’s brow – which led one baffled fan to comment: β€œIdk what’s going on here but I love it.”

In another image, he criss-crossed black wire over someone’s brows, which ended up with a surprisingly neat look – and was teamed with simple eye make-up.

A post shared by πŒπˆπ‹π€π ππ€π”π‘π€ππŽπ• (@milan_bauranov)

A post shared by πŒπˆπ‹π€π ππ€π”π‘π€ππŽπ• (@milan_bauranov)

If you fancy trying Milan's creative looks, then you may raise a few eyebrows in the office – but there's no harm in going bolder for a Saturday night.

Although attempting looks with nails and staples may be best left to a professional, you could always improvise at home with some metallic eyeliner and face gems.

Or, just stick to your trusty brow pencil, and leave the dangerous looking trends to Instagram – there’s nothing wrong with a natural look, after all.

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