Meghan Markle 'shocked' critics say she's wading into politics as 'telling people to vote shouldn't be controversial'

MEGHAN Markle is “shocked” critics think she's wading into politics because she believes encouraging people to vote “shouldn't be controversial”, an insider has claimed.

Last month, Meghan and Harry were slammed for “interfering in US politics” and telling voters to "reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity" in what the Duchess described as the "most important election of our lifetime".

Writing for Elle, Finding Freedom co-author Carolyn Durand said the Duchess has found the criticism “difficult” and feels her comments are “no different” to messages from other public figures.

A source said: "[Meghan] thought she was saying something relatively uncontroversial, which is people should get involved and vote."

The insider claims the Duchess is now being extra careful about how she approaches politics during public engagements.

They added: "[Meghan] now feels, [and] admits, as she said the other day, she has to be constantly careful about what she says and stick to what she thinks will not be controversial.

"Even telling people to get involved in the democratic process should not be a controversial subject."

What's more, the source said the Duke and Duchess "believe in civic action, civic duty and social responsibility" and consider urging people to vote is part of this.

In January, Meghan and Harry pledged to “uphold the values of Her Majesty” in their Megxit deal – and traditionally, members of the Royal Family do not publicly comment on politics.

Last month, Gloria Steinem revealed Meghan had been calling Americans and encouraging them to vote.

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