Meghan Markle news latest – BBC forced to 'quietly shelve' new Amol Rajan royals podcast after Princes & The Press fury

THE BBC has been forced to shelve a new podcast about the royal family following a backlash to The Princes and the Press documentary.

The podcast, presented by controversial anchor Amol Rajan, was due to be a follow-up to the documentary, which famously left Prince William and Kate Middleton fuming over "unfounded claims".

The two-part BBC Two documentary aired allegations that William’s staff had briefed against Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

But after viewers complained the documentary was “disrespectful to the Royal Family”, the Beeb quietly dropped the follow-up podcast.

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  • John Hall

    Call yourself a man of the people Prince Harry?

    This is a comment piece by Ulrika Jonsson

    OH dear, Harry. It might be increasingly cold, lonely and alienating sitting up there, aloft your moral high horse.

    As you trot through fields of gold and enlightenment leading you to the promised land of endorsements and brand representation, pausing occasionally to look down on us mere mortals and share with us crumbs of your privileged wisdom.

    But you must still feel cock-a-hoop. What a grand life you must have.

    But your latest words of advice have fallen well short of someone who hoped to be a man of the people.

    Advising people stuck in jobs that don’t bring them joy to quit is not just careless and foolhardy but yet another sign of how utterly disconnected you are from reality.

    My disappointment is palpable. Of all the royals, you always showed glimmers of humility and vulnerability. And your acceptance of a fluctuating mental health endeared you to me.

    However, hearing from an Eton-educated, elitist and advantaged man, speaking from his £11million mansion in California, that “leaving work should be celebrated”, is unforgivably irresponsible.

    Harry, you’re so out of touch. You are so detached and muddled that it would be funny if it wasn’t so worrying.

  • John Hall

    BBC documentary leaves many unhappy

    THE BBC had 925 complaints over its documentary about Princes William and Harry’s relationship with the media.

    The first episode of the two-part Princes and the Press — which aired last month — received 776 complaints alone.

    Objections related to alleged bias against the royal family.

    Following the documentary by journalist Amol Rajan, 38, a carol service led by the Duchess of Cambridge was moved from the BBC to ITV.

  • John Hall

    'He's a candyass'

    Thomas also took aim at Harry, 37, for quitting as a frontline royal.

    He said: Harry walked away from his responsibilities and that’s ridiculous. He walked away from his grandmother, the royals and the British people.

    “He’s a candyass. I’d take him on at my age any time. He’d run away from me.” 

  • John Hall

    Thomas Markle blasts Harry and Meghan

    Meghan’s dad has blasted her claims she grew up on salads at a budget restaurant.

    Thomas Markle, 77, also called Harry a candyass, a timid or cowardly person, for quitting the UK.

    Meghan tried to highlight her humble roots to push for paid parental leave by saying in a letter to US politicians in October she “grew up on the $4.99 salad bar” at Sizzler family restaurants.

    But Thomas, speaking from his home in Rosarito, Mexico, told The Sun: “She’s never, ever, ever had to worry about anything like that in her life.

    “We’d do the best restaurants in town and we’d do Sizzler because it was convenient. We never had to rub our pennies together and just have the salad bar.

    “She had the salad bar — but she had a meal as well.”

  • John Hall

    ‘Gunman who raided bank and bookmaker’s’ shot dead near Kensington Palace

    THIS is the tense moment a cop points a rifle at an alleged gunman's head after he reportedly raided a bookies and a bank.

    Cops scrambled to a street just minutes from William and Kate's home in Kensington, West London, yesterday afternoon where the man was shot dead.

    Officers were called to reports of a man with a firearm entering a bookmakers and a bank around Marloes Road in the capital yesterday.

    Loud bangs were heard earlier yesterday afternoon, just yards from Kensington Palace after police were said to have fired several shots at the gunman in the back of a vehicle.

    The force confirmed that despite emergency service's best efforts, the man could not be saved and died shortly after.

  • John Hall

    Newsnight interview is evidence of his "guilt" opposition claim

    Last week, Robert’s lawyers claimed that Andrew's disastrous Newsnight interview is evidence of his "guilt".

    The Duke of York sparked fury with a legal filing in October that branded Virginia a “money-hungry sex kitten” who was only suing him for “another pay day”.

    David Boies, Virginia's lawyer, then hit back in a court filing in New York opposing Andrew's motion to dismiss.

    He wrote: "During that interview, Prince Andrew said that he could not recall ever meeting Ms Giuffre, a denial so at odds with photographs and other evidence that it is itself indicative of guilt."

  • John Hall

    Queen could be spending million on Andrew's legal team

    It's understood the Queen is spending millions of pounds to privately fund Andrew's fight against allegations of sex abuse.

    Royal courtiers expect the legal bill to run into the millions.

  • John Hall

    Legal team ordered to 'cancel' Christmas

    Andrew's hearing looms on January 4, with sources claiming he has ordered his legal team to cancel their Christmas plans so they can focus on his sexual assault case.

    Andrew is said to have told the US team they must leave “no stone unturned” ahead of his hearing.

    Insiders say the Duke is “totally consumed” by the legal battle and has been staying up late in the night to talk constantly with lawyers in California.

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