Meghan Markle greeted Prince Charles with a curtsy while Kate Middleton went for a double kiss on the cheeks at Commonwealth celebration

On hand alongside husband Prince Harry at the celebration of Commonwealth Day at London's Westminster Abbey yesterday, they stood with fellow royals to greet the Queen.

The royal four chatted together while Meghan's father-in-law Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, made their way into the church.

While royal protocol is to curtsy to those of a higher royal rank than yourself, Kate instead greeted the prince with a double kiss on the cheeks.

However, Meghan respectfully dipped into a curtsy before giving him the same friendly hello with a familiar kiss on the cheek.

A palace insider spoke to PEOPLE about curtsying, saying: "There is no hard and fast rule – there is nothing written down about it, even for members of the royal family.

"People normally just do what they feel comfortable with. So even when a member of the public doesn't curtsy, the Queen doesn't take offence."

For etiquette, Meghan would be expected to curtsy to the Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla – but it is often uncommon to see immediate family bow to each other, like William and Harry bowing to Charles.

Meghan took a gentle dip into a curtsy again when the Queen entered Westminster Abbey, alongside Kate and Camilla – however, she wasn't looking in their direction.

So the three women bowed again when the 92-year-old monarch greeted them – with the Duchess of Sussex and Camilla curtsying in an almost synchronised manner, and Kate following.

The couples then filed behind the Queen for their procession through the church to their seats.

The celebrations were to mark the 70th anniversary of the modern Commonwealth.

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