Meghan looks 'calm' like she's on spa break & unveils 'fun' side to personality in 40th birthday vid, says expert

MEGHAN Markle released a two-minute long video to mark her 40th birthday and it's said to have showed off a 'calm and confident' yet 'fun' side to the Duchess of Sussex.

Analysing Meghan's body language in the clip – which sees her call on her Hollywood pals to join her mentorship programme, alongside Melissa McCarthy – expert Judi James claims it's the first time we see her "not taking herself too seriously".

Judi claims that a "relaxed" Meghan seems as if she is filming on a "spa break" and the mum-of-two treats viewers to a more "fun" side of her personality.

"So, just as we thought we had seen [all] sides to Meghan’s personality she unveils a new one to mark her fortieth birthday," Judi tells Fabulous.

"This is the first glimpse we have had of a fun, comedy Meghan who is actually not taking herself too seriously.

"She is also emphatically self-effacing, grinning happily as friend and comic Melissa McCarthy pokes fun at her royal connections as well as making a joke about her time in Suits."

The clip also sees Meghan's husband Prince Harry larking around as he's spotted juggling in the background of her video and Judi reckons Meghan is now taking a light-hearted leaf out of his book.

She continues: "Hubbie Harry, once known as the joker of the royal Firm, clearly adored sparring with James Corden in his own TV appearance, acting at times more like half of a Corden double-act as he performed a rap song and did a skit about finding the loo in someone’s house.

"Here Megan appears to have taken a leaf out of her husband’s book to do similar in terms of ‘almost no holds barred banter’ with Melissa.

"Meghan made a cameo appearance in Harry’s film and he does the same in hers here, appearing outside her window juggling balls in a hugely contrived-looking ‘spontaneous’ outtake that has Melissa laughing wildly."

Commenting on Meghan's calm appearance, Judi says: "Sitting in an oasis of pale sand-coloured calm, Meghan looks relaxed and chilled as though she is filming on a spa break.

"She talks upward slightly into the camera (Turning forty has a habit of making us all a fan of the upward, more flattering camera angle, although Meghan’s very fresh-faced natural look here reveals she’s got no need of any flattery!)"

Sitting in an oasis of pale sand-coloured calm, Meghan looks relaxed and chilled as though she is filming on a spa break

Meghan's video – believed to be filmed in her LA mansion – not only marked her milestone birthday but the launch of her 40×40 initiative which sees Meghan ask A-listers to donate their time.

She is urging people to donate their time and offer mentorship in a bid to get people around the world helping women "to reenter the workforce".

Meghan has asked 40 activists, athletes, artists and world leaders to participate, with Adele, poet Amanda Gorman, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and fashion designer Stella McCartney all committing to the project.

Judi says of Meghan delivering her initiative's message in the video: "It turns from comedy into a more serious message linked to one of Meghan’s causes, but she does seem to be showing a more relaxed version of herself here.

"The self-effacing teasing suggests she is now in a place of inner calm and confidence that is very much reflected in her body language."

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