Meghan and Harry latest news – Piers Morgan RAGES at royal couple saying 'there's not a day they're not yapping'

PIERS Morgan let rip at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this morning, telling GMB viewers "there's not a day they're not yapping".

Speaking earlier today, Piers said his "old friend Meghan has popped up again" after the Duchess of Sussex spoke at an online conference hosted by Fortune magazine.

"She's a very private lady," he joked, before mocking Meghan's claim that "nothing she ever says is controversial".

"This is just, obviously, after she's told Americans how to vote in the election. She also said that she no longer reacts to anything – whether it's critical or positive. She doesn't notice it, she doesn't react to it", Piers said.

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    Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan has again let rip at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

    Noting that Meghan spoke at a £10,000-a-head Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit, Morgan said his “old friend Meghan” has “popped up again”.

    He mocked: “She's a very private lady, and in her daily address to the world, she's told in an online conference, hosted by Fortune magazine that nothing she ever says is controversial.

    “This is just, obviously, after she's told Americans how to vote in the election.

    “She also said that she no longer reacts to anything – whether it's critical or positive. She doesn't notice it, she doesn't react to it.”


    Meghan Markle’s family have been in the spotlight since she first began dating Prince Harry and, just like Kim Kardashian, she has had to deal with a fair few scandals.

    Her father Thomas has given a series of damning interviews about her, claiming she has shunned him — while also staging paparazzi photos of himself.

    Meghan and Harry will feature in a fly-on-the-wall documentary series to give a “glimpse of their lives”, as part of their £112million Netflix deal.

    It has strong echoes of 39-year-old Kim’s own show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

    However, Kim insists she sympathises with the Sussexes’ pleas for privacy.

    In a television interview, she said: “I can definitely empathise with their need for having a secure, safe place.”


    How do you get that Kim Kardashian /Meghan Markle Hollywood glow? By using the same hair and workout gurus, of course.

    The pair have both worked with hairdresser Michael Silva.

    He styled the Duchess during her time in US TV drama Suits and was also behind Kim’s sleek Met Gala look in 2017.

    Meanwhile, Meghan swears by the fitness videos of personal trainer Tracy Anderson — who Kim worked with while she was pregnant in 2013.

    Read more on the stars' similarities HERE.


    One is the wife of a prince, while the other is showbiz royalty – but Meghan Markle and Kim Kardashian have a lot more in common than that.

    From identical outfits to viral Christmas cards and scandal-filled families, Meghan and Kim have been morphing into each other for years.

    Both women have high-placed friends, for example.

    The Duchess of Sussex met long-term pal Serena Williams at a 2010 Super Bowl party and hit it off immediately, chatting about “good old-fashioned girly stuff”.

    And Kim is just as tight with the tennis ace.

    Last year they threw a Met Gala after-party in New York, where they served up McDonald’s food for punters.

    Meghan also goes way back with Kim’s good pal Chrissy Teigen after they met on the US version of Deal Or No Deal, and she is also good friends with actress Priyanka Chopra, who has mixed with Kim too.


    Meghan Markle has spoken about the Sussexes' non-profit organisation Archewell, which she said aims to “ensure that we are helping foster healthy positive communities – online and off”.

    She told the Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit: “To see how you are propagating hate, whether passively or actively; to see how you are clicking on things that are contributing to an industry that is really toxic for so many of us, especially as parents.

    “And when you know something is wrong, reporting it, it, talking about it, ensuring that the facts are getting out there.

    “I think that is one clear tangible thing that everyone could be doing.”

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