Man shares easy hack for making loads of toast rather than just two bits at a time but totally divides opinion

A MAN has divided opinion on TikTok after sharing his easy hack for cooking multiple pieces of toast at the same time.

Jardse, who posts under the Virtual Food account on the social media site, shared a clip of someone loading slices of bread vertically in between the gaps on a grill pan.

He also used a piece of greaseproof paper underneath the slices to avoid spilling any crumbs.

The man then put the entire pan underneath the oven's grill, before removing it minutes later to show rows and rows of perfectly toasted bread.

However, despite the clever hack earning Jardse over one million views, some viewers weren't convinced.

"Roasted in the middle but not at the edges?" one person questioned, while another agreed: "I like the whole piece to be toasted, not just the middle."

Others praised the hack, with one writing: "OMG . You legend . I need to get out of my box."

"Genius," someone else commented, while another added: "that is actually useful info."

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Another person suggested the trick could work well for someone that runs a daycare centre or a bed and breakfast.

"How did this take me 30 years to know?" another person asked.

But some people questioned ready or not the video was real, noting that the man appeared to be able to pull the grill pan out when it was still hot.

"It got cooled off," Jardse answered.

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