Man baffled as his wife complains about a 'man sitting on a loo' symbol in her car – before he realises what’s going on | The Sun

A MAN was left baffled when he got a message from his wife asking him what the "person on a toilet" symbol on her car dashboard meant.

Jett took to TikTok to share a video explaining that he received the message when her car wouldn't start.

"My wife messaged me to say her car wasn’t starting and that the dash was showing a sign of a person on the toilet," he wrote.

"Confused, I asked her to send me a photo."

He then flashed up the photo in question, which showed "-4°" written on the dash.

And people took to the comments section to admit they could also see what she was talking about – with the minus acting as the toilet, the four being the person's body and the degree symbol acting as the head.

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"I’m confused I also see someone sitting on the toilet," one person wrote.

"Saw the guy on the toilet too!" someone else said.

"Had to go through comments to know about the degrees thingy."

"What does that sign mean … I would also text and say the same thing .." a third commented.

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"now that's all I can see…so now I can't even fathom what it really is…lol" someone else wrote.

"What is it? Genuinely asking," another added.

"exactly!!! hahahaha… i can't unsee the guy on the toilet…" someone else said.

"Had to scroll through the comments to find out what it meant," another commented.

As someone else wrote: "haha I love how she thinks.

"That was the same message I sent to my son, and the response I got when he got to me and looked was un printable."

While others were left bemused that she'd made the mistake.

"But how long has she been driving this car why she doesn't know that's where the temperature is?" one wrote.

"Is she Polish and blonde?" another added.

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"I am but I knew what it read after about 30 seconds, lol!!!"

"She must be very pretty!" a third commented.

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