Macklemore Debuts Scruffy Goatee and Long Hair: 'You Didn't Think I Was Gonna Hit the Glow Up During COVID?'

Macklemore embraced a scruffier look while cooped up inside amid the coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, the 37-year-old rapper posted a mirror selfie on Instagram showing off the goatee and curly long locks he grew during quarantine, joking, “Oh you didn’t think I was gonna hit the glow up during Covid?” in the caption.

“Tag someone that didn’t know I had natural curls and enter in a chance to win my secret recipe for the perfect dangles,” Macklemore added.

The “Glorious” artist’s chest tattoos — a scorpion and a woman wearing a hat — are on full-display in the shirtless snap, leading his celebrity doppelgänger David Spade to joke, “When did i get that tattoo?” in the comment section.

A second Instagram user compared Macklemore to the stars of Netflix’s infamous documentary about big cat breeding: “Now you look like you can work for Tiger King.”

“Is that your grandma's hair?” someone else wrote, cleverly punning the rapper’s “Thrift Shop” lyrics.

Last month, Macklemore posted a photo of himself on a boat ride rocking a more well-groomed version of his new goatee-and-long-hair look.  "1976 JC Penny catalog looks all summer," the star wrote alongside the snap, referencing his beachwear look and the scenic view in the background.

And Macklemore isn't the only celebrity who embraced a major hair change this year. Chris Pratt, Armie Hammer, KJ Apa and more all documented their quarantine hair journeys on social media.

Logan Lerman is the latest to join the bunch — the Hunters actor got hearts racing when his girlfriend, Ana Corrigan, posted a photo of him with a scruffy beard, wavy salt-and-pepper hair and a mask (of course!) to her Instagram Story on Aug. 30. The new look is a stark departure from the short brown had since playing Percy Jackson — and we’re totally here for it.

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