Love doggy? Tiger style is the spiced up version of the classic sex position that will drive you wild this bank holiday – The Sun

FED up of rotating between your most-used sex positions?

Now you can try a spiced up version of the popular doggy by doing it tiger style – and it only requires a slight adjustment to reap the pleasurable rewards.

Doing it tiger style involves the woman posing on all fours on the beds, with her knees close to the edge.

The man (or tiger) stands behind her with his feet on the floor and can use his hands to wander around her body from behind.

Thankfully it doesn’t involve too many bedroom acrobatics, and could be an exciting twist on the tried-and-tested doggy.

And it’s not the only variant of doggy that you can try.

The "Hot Doggy" provides you with warming skin-to-skin contact – without losing the benefits of classic doggy.

Instead of going onto your hands and knees, lie face-down on your bed. Your partner can then pull your sheets over the top of you both, before moving into position.

You don't have to do a whole lot else, so it's perfect if you're having a lazy day.

Couples are going wild for “the 68”, which is a new variant on the pleasurable classic.

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