Libra weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for April 4 – 10


SEPT 23 – OCT 23

Above all this week, you see so clearly what people need – including yourself – and you set about making it happen. 

Yes, your personal route map is one many others are ready to follow. 

At work, a negotiation role can be such a perfect fit.

In love, you break away from maybes and set out specific needs.  If
you’re single, an outdoor sport session is a clue.

DESTINY DAYS: Step up on Tuesday to volunteer for extra time, or
training. Stick to your plans for Saturday, even if others flake.

LUCKY LINKS: A book with a flame on the cover. A path lined with
coloured lights. A food that reminds you of school.

LIBRA SEEDS OF CHANGE: Light, airy scented flowers in shades of pink and blue are your star seeds and bulbs to grow – and lovely in a Libra
bouquet, too. 

Primroses, tea roses, hydrangea and freesias all bring something special to your life. 

Libra rules the kidneys, so cleansing herbs like mint deserve a place in your garden. 

Crush leaves into a refreshing mint tea, or simply scatter them on salads.  Vanilla and juniper offer the intense mix of taste and smell Libra relishes.

MYSTIC MOTTO: “When I expect the best results, I will get them”

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