Laundry expert reveals the RIGHT way to wash your bed sheets for a better night's sleep AND less ironing time

WANT to up your sleep game? The trick might be in how you are washing your sheets. 

A new guide shares the correct way to clean your bedding to get rid of germs and allergens. 

Firstly, the guide, published on Reviewed, says you should never leave your bedding more than a week or two without cleaning. 

This is because when you are sleeping, dead skin cells, dust mites, body oils and bacteria can build up.

Sounds grim! Thankfully you can spruce up your bedding very easily to make it fresh once again – and it may even boost your sleep too. 

If you follow the steps below it’ll leave your bedding puffy and clean and looking very inviting indeed. 

  1. Firstly, make sure you read the care label so you can tailor the wash towards the specifc fabric. 
  2. You should then pretreat any stains before washing, and cold water should be used for blood stains. 
  3. Choose the right cycle and wash temperature based on the label, and tweak according to how dirty the bedding is. For example, using a heavy cycle with hot water is great for removing body oils from linens. 
  4. Don’t overload the washing machine, as sheets need to be able to move around the drum to clean.
  5. Don’t use dryer sheets as they make fabrics less absorbent. 
  6. Dryer balls are great as they can prevent your load from bunching up. 
  7. Hang sheets on a washing line outside if you can once in a while, as the sunlight helps to disinfect them and can leave them with a fresh smell if there are no pollutants around.
  8. Iron your sheets to kill any remaining germs and dust mites that have made it through the cycle. 

We previously shared how one mum swears the secret to hotel-worthy bed linen is vinegar, which she says softens and brightens the sheets.

The Aussie cleaning guru shared her hack on TikTok after showing how she strips and cleans her mattress using bicarbonate soda.

TikTok user Mama Mila suggests washing your linen with liquid detergent, half a cup of bicarbonate soda and half a cup of white vinegar instead of the usual fabric softener.

Not only is the bicarb a natural brightener and deodoriser but it means you can use less washing liquid in each load.

Vinegar on the other hand softens and brightens bed linen without leaving a residue, Mama Mila claims, so you'll be able to fall asleep with ease while dreaming of your next hotel stay.

While her trick works particularly well on white linen, she also says that bicarb works well with brightening colours too and confirmed that the smell of vinegar completely vanishes in the wash.

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