Kenneth Cole launches ‘Mankind Legacy’ scent

Designer Kenneth Cole is very specific when it comes to his scents. “It should not arrive before you or linger when you’re gone,” Cole tells Threads. “It should just feel right in that regard. I don’t like things that are too sweet or too floral. But something that allows you to come through.”

This summer, Cole launched his newest men’s fragrance, “Mankind Legacy,” which has rich, woody notes. “These days, I’ve been focused on the notion of people trying to define and articulate their individual legacies. Not only what it might be one day, but ultimately, what is the path towards that direction? What can they do every day that guides them in that direction?”

One thing that’s not likely to be part of Cole’s legacy? High-heeled flip flops. “I don’t know. It’s not a trend that we have embraced,” he says of the garish footwear sported by the likes of Kim Kardashian. “I typically look at product that looks good and feels good. I don’t know that that style will necessarily past the test.”

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