‘Kate Moss of hand modelling’ reveals she can earn £5,000 a day thanks to her £2 MILLION insured palms – The Sun

A HAND model has carved such a successful career that she has now insured her assets for £2 million.

Nina Taylor has spent the past three decades showcasing her hands in some of the industry’s biggest advertising campaigns earning her the nickname the “Kate Moss of hand models.”

And it seems that Nina can even out do Kate in some areas having been hired to act as the model’s “hand double" regularly in the past.

The London-based model has also been the fingers to the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlet Johansson, Natalie Imbruglia, Demi Moore and Eva Herzigova.

In fact, whenever you spot a pair of hands in an advert, whether that’s on TV, in a magazine or on a billboard, there’s a high chance it belongs to Nina.

The high demand for Nina’s slender fingers means she now rakes in up to £5,000 a day for her services as she explains in new Channel 5 documentary Million Pound Hand Job.

She even bagged a grand for five minutes of work when she stroked Benedict Cumberbatch’s face back in 2012.

Nina says that her niche skill actually puts her in higher demand than most models as she can work across many brands at once.

Speaking in the documentary she says: “Being just hands mean being anonymous, there’s no conflict of interest.

“You can work on all these different brands, you’re working every single day. You’re double booked, triple booked. That all adds up.”

Her versatility has seen her secure campaigns with the likes of Tom Ford, Chanel, Fendi and Lulu Guinness.

But in order to keep her hands in pristine condition Nina has to sacrifice certain things in life.

In an interview with BBC Breakfast she previously revealed: “If you look at a nail with a camera you might see all sorts of imperfections but I’m looking after my hands and my nails and my cuticles all day long.

“If I wanted to do gardening I wouldn’t be able to or play the guitar.

“I have developed techniques like opening cans and stuff like that.”

She explained that she is asked to double for people not because their hands are unattractive, but because it requires a special skill.

She continued: “There’s a certain skill required for it, you’ve got to be really precise, you have to hold really still, it’s a precision work and that comes with experience.”

Nina also admits that her services are still cheaper than the likes of those she doubles for.

“I could spend all day on set just doing one shot that takes a few seconds, I am a lot cheaper to book than Kate Moss” she said.

Million Dollar Hand Job airs Wednesday at 10pm on Channel 5

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