Kate Middleton has evolved as a 'relatable mum' and shows 'protective affection' to her kids like Princess Diana

KATE MIDDLETON turns 40 this weekend so here we take a look back at how she has evolved over the years.

It goes without saying that we all love Kate and body language expert Darren Stanton has revealed why.

Behavioural expert Darren has analysed how the Duchess of Cambridge has changed over the years and reveals that she has evolved into a ‘relatable mum’, displaying ‘similarities to Princess Diana’. 

Speaking on behalf of Be My Bet, Darren also reveals that from her transparent approach to parenting and her genuine nature, Kate’s maternal side has evolved since becoming a mother and she has grown in 'confidence' as an established Royal over the past decade. 

Darren said: “Kate Middleton has been a very permanent member of the Royal family since she first began dating Prince William nearly 15 years ago and as she approaches her 40th birthday, it’s clear to see how her style has evolved over the years as she’s established herself as a royal.”

Kate becoming a mother

In the last decade, Kate has become a mother, welcoming three children with William. 

Darren has commented on her maternal instinct and how this has developed over the years.

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He said: “Her maternal instinct is often displayed through her body language, which too has evolved as she’s got older. 

“In many photos and video clips, Kate is seen kneeling down to the height of her children when she is talking to them – a gesture that is both nurturing and protective. 

“Kate has also been seen to chastise Princess Charlotte in photos where her daughter was misbehaving. 

“While other Royals would never have been happy to be seen in this light, Kate’s body language remains open and transparent. 

“She seems happy to be seen as a relatable mum, dealing with all things parents would usually deal with while raising three young children – what you see is what you get with her. 

“The main difference with Kate compared to other Royals is that we do not see such displays of affection with the Royal children like she gives. 

“If you look at historical footage of the Queen with the children, and also Princess Anne, we do not see the same level of rapport as we do with Kate. 

“Historically, the Royal children have been chaperoned by staff during public engagements, but Kate tends not to do that and both her and Will are often seen hand-in-hand with their brood – choosing to be present and hands-on.”

Kate’s similarities to Diana

It’s clear to see that Kate is a very genuine person and this is something that hasn’t changed. 

And now Darren has pointed out the similarities that Kate displays to Princess Diana.

Darren added: “Other public figures, like celebrities and even other Royal family members, can tend to show a fake smile or disingenuous displays of emotion at certain events – however, Kate is very much an open book.  

“She is always seen with a very open and honest smile denoted by visible crow’s feet around her eyes. 

“Her whole face is engaged when smiling and it’s clear she has developed a massive confidence not only as a Royal and a public figure, but as a parent too.

“It can be said that there are also a lot of similarities between Kate and Princess Diana. 

“Not only has Kate shown a willingness to interact with everyday people when attending public events – no other Royal has interacted with the public as much as William and Kate since Diana – but she also displays the same level of true empathy and sympathy as Diana did. 

“She’s not afraid to display her emotions whether it be when she’s meeting with children, visiting those in hospital or connecting with members of the public around the world. 

“She is happy to be an emotional support to others and it’s clear she truly cares.”

Kate’s evolving fashion

We are all obsessed with Kate’s style – whatever she wears she looks phenomenal.

Darren points out that Kate's fashion has evolved over the years and her fashion choices display her kind personality.

He explained: “Kate has become more and more sophisticated in her fashion choices and while she has never sought the limelight, she has learnt how to deal with being in the public eye and accepts it’s part and parcel of her marriage.  

“Like Princess Diana, Kate has undeniably become a global fashion icon, especially when pictured conducting official Royal duties. 

“She often wears famous designers and interacts and mixes with the world’s biggest stars and celebrities, with her dress choices becoming increasingly bolder and more striking. 

“Bold colours, sequins and slightly more revealing designs are a very good indicator that Kate now feels like she has found a true inner confidence in her role within the Royal family and within her relationship with William – with the pair often portraying a power couple when on the red carpet together.


“Although Kate has always dressed quite regally, one colour that has featured heavily in her fashion choices is the colour red.

“In many photographs, Kate is pictured wearing a vibrant shade of red, with such a colour suggesting she is very confident in herself and self-assured. 

“It is also a colour of passion and Kate seems to display a sense of mischief whenever she is wearing it.

“Another shade that has become a favourite of hers is green. Green is said to convey empathy and a caring nature in a person’s personality – a nod to Kate’s maternal side.” 

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