Jonathan Ross' daughter Honey says she’s happier as a size 18 than her slim friends who suffered from eating disorders

JONATHAN Ross’ daughter Honey says she’s happier as a size 18 and has more body confidence than her slim friends, after years of feeling pressure to lose weight. 

The 22-year-old strutted her stuff on the catwalk as she made her debut at London Fashion Week earlier this month, rocking a baby pink dress with the slogan ‘real’ on it. 

Honey says she has more body confidence now than “all of her thin friends”, after battling a “toxic” industry growing up.

Appearing on Lorraine, she said: “I'm a size 18 and I'm more confident than all of my thin friends and they always say, ‘I wish I was more confident’, and I’m like, ‘You have the body society likes’."

Growing up she witnessed her friends struggling with their own body image, saying her closest pals suffered from eating disorders. 

Honey said: “I knew countless boys with eating disorders, but in my group three of my friends had really life-threatening eating disorders. 

“My friends were close to death, but people were going, ‘Yeah but she’s too fat.

"There’s no way of winning as a woman.”

Now embracing how she looks, Honey regularly shares photos of herself in lingerie and bikinis with her 20,000 fans on Instagram, which rack up thousands of likes.

Her posts are also inspiring other women, with Honey saying their support gives her the motivation to continue uploading fierce snaps.

She added: “The reason I continue to post like this, is because I receive messages that say ‘Just so you know, I brought the first bikini in ten years or threw away my scales because of you’.

“Or teens saying ‘You’ve inspired me to go out in shorts’ and that makes it absolutely all worth it."

Just taking a little moment to appreciate my softness in all its forms. I’m grateful for my soft skin, my lovely soft tummy, my sumptuous soft thighs. I’m grateful for my brain, that has survived traumas that tried to halt it, yet it continues to burn with a desire to create, and continue. Remaining soft in a world that wants to harden you is an act of protest.

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But she admitted she wasn’t always so body confident, as it was tough growing up in because she felt no one “looked like her”.

Honey, the daughter of TV presenter Jonathan Ross, 59, and screenwriter Jane Goldman, 49, felt intense pressure to lose weight, telling Lorriane people “pitied” her as she got bigger.

Honey, a body image activist, said: “We all grew up the same diet culture. I grew up in this industry, which is quite toxic and I never saw people who looked like me.

“I always saw people doing fad diets, I grew up around that. Whether my parents intended me too or not, you can only do so much.

“I went from being a normal child and I put on weight and suddenly I got a lot of pity. 

“I got people saying ‘Are you going to take her to the gym? Put her on a diet?’ 

“People think they're doing the kind thing, when actually it's so damaging.” 

She said shaming people over their appearance has never been “a great motivator” for change.

And drawing from her own experiences, she advised parents to “love and support” their children if they’re under or overweight. 

Honey added: “You don't need to tell your child to go on a diet. If you want to exercise, don't do it to justify a cupcake – life is very short.”

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And Honey recently took to the catwalk for her London Fashion Week debut.

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