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A WOMAN has revealed that she has reversed ageing thanks to six easy steps – so you’ll need to pay attention if you want youthful-looking skin.

If you don’t fancy getting jabbed in the face with Botox, you’ll be pleased to know that a beauty fan has revealed the hacks she swears by for wrinkle-free skin, without needing any cosmetic treatments. 

Posting on social media, the blonde beauty shared an old picture of her, where her skin looked lacklustre, with wrinkles visible on her forehead.

However, she then proudly showed off her skin now, which is clear, glowy and wrinkle-free.

Explaining how she has aged backwards, the young woman said: “Here are six things I have learnt to age backwards.

“Number one – whether it rains, snows, or the sun is shining, always SPF.

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It combats skin ageing right at the root.

“Number two – use a good Vitamin C to fight free radicals [unstable atoms that can damage cells, causing ageing]. 

“Number three – use a gentle, chemical exfoliator, but don’t overdo it.”

The beauty fan then held up the CeraVe Renewing SA cleanser, as she added: “Better alternative to your regular face scrub.”

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Following this, the social media user continued: “Number four – double cleanse in the evening to be gentle enough to get all of the gunk off but not to strip your skin of the essential oils.

“This will be milder to your skin than constant rubbing. 

“Number five – slugging. Layer on Vaseline or oil over your moisturiser once in a while.”

The youthful woman advised doing this once or twice a week to seal in your skincare overnight.

Finally, she advised: “Number six – make hydration your priority. 

“Layer on hyaluronic acid and seal it off with a good moisturiser.” 

“Hyaluronic acid will help your moisturiser penetrate.” .

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @allyoucanface, has clearly impressed many, as it has gone viral and has now amassed a staggering 1.4 million views. 

Social media users were thankful for the advice and were eager to express this in the comments.

One person said: “Damn this is so cool.”

Another added: “Seriously, you are the best..”

A third commented: “Thanks for your nice tips!” 

Whilst someone else chimed in: “You are right. Very good advice.”

Meanwhile, another user penned: “Number 7: Botox.” 

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To this, the skincare guru replied “I don’t agree, but it’s your body and your choice.”

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