I’ve got a skinny face but trolls accuse me of catfishing when they see my body – I’ve had three kids & was 30st | The Sun

SHE was once a whopping 30st, but after years of hard work Jess Walsh lost loads of weight.

Since then, the mum-of-three has shared her dramatic weight loss journey on TikTok, inspiring others to be more healthy too.

But despite the positive message and embracing her mum tum and loose skin, the 25-year-old has been viciously trolled on social media, where meanies say she's ''catfishing''.

Not only is she the target on mean rude comments about her mum tum, many also think Jess is misleading blokes with her slim face and loose skin around the stomach area.

Hitting back at the trolls, the parent took to her TikTok page where she rocked a cute crop top and a pair of denim shorts.

At the start of the video, which has been liked more than a whopping 3.5million times, Jess shows her stunning face and curly blue hair.

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Then, towards the end of the clip, the gorgeous mum zooms out showing off her full body, lip syncing to: ''If only you knew what goes on in my mind.''

Embracing her curves and jiggly mum tum, Jess posed to the camera and played with her tummy, demonstrating how much it wobbles.

''What do you mean,'' she wrote in the caption, responding to the troll.

But despite loving her post-weight loss body, it seems that the meanies are in full force.

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Seeing her figure, one reckoned that Jess fools people by just showing her face.

''She looks like one of them women on Tinder that takes pics from the neck up.

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''Gosh, fooled again!''

Another horrific bloke said: “I’ll go ahead and speak for the men that are afraid to say this. Yuck.”

However, the social media star has also grown a notable fanbase, with many praising the mum for her confidence.

''your not a catfish….your beautiful from head to toe and you show your natural beauty [sic],'' a supportive follower said.

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Someone else agreed, adding: ''Hmmm .. That’s a weird way to say “YOURE SO PRETTY” [sic].''

''This is a beautiful woman that has done a lot of work. Nothing about her would turn me away,'' a third penned.

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