I’ve found a 25p hack to give me the effects of Botox using ingredients from my cupboard – it even lifted my hooded eyes | The Sun

A WOMAN has left people stunned after revealing the 25p hack she uses to get the effects of Botox at home.

She explained that while she's been tempted to get the wrinkle-paralysing injections, she's been too scared to do so.

So, instead, she's been using a homemade mask at home that helps tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and even helps her hooded eyes.

"This is your sign to stop paying a fortune for Botox," she began her TikTok video.

"I can show you how you can get the exact same effects by using ingredients in your store cupboard. It will cost you 25p."

She then applied the "magic solution" to one side of her face – "under my eyes, on my forehead, my marionette lines, my crows feet, right down over my lips, my jawline".

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After letting the solution dry, she showed the incredible difference between the two sides of her face.

"This side has not been treated and you can see I've got marionette lines here, my jaw is not tight here, there's lots of loose skin and I've got lines on my forehead," she explained.

"This side, no bags under this eye, marionette line has gone, jaw is tight and snatched, no wrinkles even if I try."

She then revealed the ingredient – "regular, standard egg white".

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"Brush it on your face and you'll have the skin you had when you were 20," she gushed.

She added in another video: "Egg whites are full of nutrients and they have a really good, tightening effect on the skin.

"And while you've got the mask on, you can see the effects.

"I'm 54, I am my age but I do have good skin.

"And I've never had Botox, genuinely never had anything like that.

"But I do use egg white face masks.

"Sometimes I mix it with olive oil, honey, that sort of thing."

She added that the mask also helped her eyes – writing: "I have terribly hooded eyes compare the start of the vid with the end and see how it lifted them".

"You need to wash it off after 15 mins. Use it twice weekly it’ll tighten your skin," she said.

And people were quick to praise her for sharing the hack.

"I’m definitely going to be doing this twice weekly! Thank you," one wrote.

"I’m going to try this – thanks for the tip," another added.

"No worries, it’s a really good face mask, tightens skin and closes pores, good luck," the woman replied.

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"Thank you very much, you look amazing!" someone else commented.

"I'm definitely trying this today."

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