Instagram users are horrified after online shopper shared the ‘disgusting’ surprise she found hiding inside her parcel | The Sun

INSTAGRAM users have been left horrified after a Vinted customer shared the “disgusting” surprise she found hiding inside her parcel.

The customer had purchased a pair of second hand Gym Shark leggings for £8 on the website, but was disgusted to spot what appears to be nail clippings on them.

Pictures of the pink leggings show a large nail clipping on top, and one lodged in the fabric of the legging.

The buyer shared the interaction with the seller on social media.

The buyer wrote: “Hi, I’ve just received these, so far they look ok, however they have human nails on them, and I’m a bit scared to fully unfolded them as another has appeared.

“Not sure if they came from the bag they came in or stuck to the item.” [sic]

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The seller responded: “How are you going to prove that you didn’t put them on there, as when I packaged them there were none on the item or in the bag.

“If you’re not happy you can return them to me and get a refund.”

To which the buyer said: “The pictures quite frankly prove it, they are literally stuck on the leggings. Please send me a return label.”

The interaction went viral on social media, racking up 3,500 likes and leaving viewers horrified.

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One person commented: “Omg that’s actually disgusting.”

“What a grot hahaha I feel sick,” said another viewer.

“I am incredibly alarmed,” another person agreed.

Someone else added: “This should result in a lifetime ban.”

“Yea don’t buy anything that’s laid on a dimly lit carpet. I tried it once & learned,” another shopper recommended. [sic]

“Those are extras,” joked one user.

Another viewer said: “Barf.”

“I’d be screaming gagging crying my eyes out,” said another person.

Someone else called it “gross as f**k”.

However, others defended the seller.

One user said: “It’s obvs gathered a few clippings whilst being laid on the floor. Get over it, and seller needs to maybe hoover up more.” [sic]

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“They are literally just fingernails, put it in the wash,” another person commented.

Someone else added: “I don’t get the big deal. You’re getting a pretty Gym Shark set for £8, just throw them in wash like you would have (hopefully) done anyway.”

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