I’m trolled for not using toilet paper and never washing down below, I don’t care – it works for me | The Sun

A WOMAN has divided the internet after admitting she doesn't use toilet paper and never washes down below.

Eden Alexandra, who is from the US, took to TikTok where she posted a video explaining the five things she'll never do as someone who has a vagina.

In the clip, she begins by saying that she won't use toilet paper.

"I do a good job doing the deed down there – I don't need it," she says.

Moving on, Eden goes on to say how she doesn't use any scrubs, soaps, or body washes.

"Absolutely nothing but water to clean," she says. "Your vajayjay is naturally self-cleaning and anything you potentially put down there – especially if it's scented or contains certain chemicals – can throw off your natural bacteria and your PH."


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Eden continues: "This might be a hot topic but I don't use tampons, I don't use pads, in fact I free bleed…"

The TikTok user also notes that she'll never "douche."

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She explains: "Your vajajay is not supposed to smell like a field of strawberries or roses or vanilla. Your natural smell is amazing."

Finally, she finishes her list be saying that she refuses to wear tight clothes or underwear without allowing her body to "breathe."

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Eden captioned the post: "Has this reached the point of #tmi on the internet? P.s. these haven’t always been the case, they’re my personal preferences now. But do what works for you."

The post has since racked up a whopping 957,000 views and been inundated with comments.

"I’m still confused about the toilet paper," wrote one.

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A second commented: "Free bleeding is just over the line."

A third penned: "I’m too hygienic for all these things I just couldn’t."

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