I'm sick of people telling me I'll regret not having kids – I'm 32 and I much prefer dogs, children are just annoying

A WOMAN who doesn't have children has urged people to stop telling her she'll regret not starting a family.

The 32-year-old, who posts under the Cheffychefcheff account on TikTok, took to the social media site to share a video bemoaning the constant criticism about her decision to stay childless.

"I really wish people would stop telling me that I’m going to regret not having any children," she began.

"I don’t f**king like them, Brenda. They’re annoying."

And disputing the suggestion that "it's different when they're your own", she added: "I highly f**king doubt that. I guarantee they’re still annoying."

She continued to reveal it's not only her who doesn't want children – her partner has the same mentality.

"And now I’m a full-time lesbian, me and my partner have made the decision," she added.

"I said, ‘Children or dogs?’ and she replied, ‘Dogs!’ Winner winner."

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After sharing her video, she was inundated with comments from others who felt the same, with one writing: "As someone who also hates children, and has one. I can confirm they are even more annoying when they are your own.

"Dogs for the win !!!"

"I absolutely agree .. never wanted them, never had them and never regretted this decision … life without kids is awesome .. for me anyway," another person commented.

A third wrote: "I’ve got a dog and 3 adult kids but still prefer my dog over them lol. Just because u have girlie bits doesn’t mean u have to have them."

"People shouldn't have this conversation, there are lots of reasons why we don't have children. no one else's business," someone else agreed.

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