I’m hairy and proud – trolls say it’s disgusting that I've got chest fluff but I don’t care, I’m beautiful | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed she is hairy and proud and won’t stop showing off her body hair, despite what the nasty trolls say.

The young woman regularly shares clips online, proudly showing off her armpit and chest hair, leaving many open-mouthed.

However, while she is pleased to be a “hairy girl”, not everyone was as keen and many thought it was “disgusting” that she flaunts her body fluff on social media. 

In one recent clip, the body positive woman wore a pair of grey shorts and a bra top, as she showed off the hair on her armpits, chest and stomach. 

The brunette explained: “Hairy is feminine. You are beautiful, hairy or not.”

The young woman revealed mean trolls hate on her body hair, but she won’t let their nasty insults get her down.

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She said: “People say I am ugly because of the hair on my chest. Hair is what I love most about my body.” 

Not only this, but she also claimed it is “natural” for women to have body hair and so she wants to embrace her natural beauty.

She then added: “Body hair on women is natural. Being yourself is the best feeling in the world.” 

The woman’s TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @liubi.maja, has clearly left many open-mouthed as it has quickly amassed 53,300 views.

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But social media users were left divided at the woman’s hair – while some approved, others were not so kind. 

One person said: “Think it's disgusting!!” Another added: “NO!!!!”

A third cruel troll commented: “Nah definitely real gross.”

Whilst someone else rudely shared: “I’m gonna throw up.” 

At the same time, many users weren’t impressed by the woman’s chest hair.

One user penned: “The chest hair ain't cool.” Whilst a second chimed in: “What in the chest hair is going on. Hell no.”

However, there were some TikTok users that were complimentary of the woman.

One user wrote: “I love it. You go girl.” A second agreed: “I like it.” And another explained: “You’re beautiful.” 

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