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A SUPER-ORGANISED influencer has shared three genius ways to use old lemons to clean your kitchen appliances. 

Sophie Webb, who shares home tips on her TikTok page WhatSophieDoes, posted multiple clips showing the versatile uses for the fruit for her 330,000 followers. 

And viewers were left amazed that you could make your kitchenware look spanking new with lemons you’d otherwise chuck away. 

Sophie’s first suggestion was to use the fruit to clean your oven without the hassle.

She said: “Place two chopped lemons in water and heat at 120C.

“Heat for half an hour then leave in the oven to steam.” 

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She then advised people to wipe the inside with a cloth dipped in the lemon water, before adding that half a lemon dipped in baking soda works wonders on more stubborn grunge. 

It’s because the citric acid in the fruit is great at removing all kinds of build-up. 

Her second piece of advice was for cleaning your microwave.

She told viewers to cut some lemon slices, and place them in water with a few drops of vanilla extract. 

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Sophie then popped the dish into the microwave for around two minutes until the mixture steamed up, before removing it and using a cloth to polish down the inside. 

Her final clever hack was a quick way to blitz limescale from your kettle. 

After half-filling her appliance, she simply stuck in a few slices of lemon and boiled, before leaving the mixture to cool and rinsing with cold water. 

Sophie posted the three clips to her TikTok page @What.Sophie.Does, along with the cheeky hashtag #WhenLifeGivesYouLemons.

Viewers were obsessed with the easy hacks, with the videos quickly racking up almost 300,000 views between them. 

“Love that you’re helping us clean our homes without chemicals,” commented one fan. 

Another pointed out that not only are lemons great tools for cleaning, but they leave a “cool smell” throughout the house.

“I just love it!” she added. 

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