I'm catfishing an older man but I'm not a golddigger – I'm protecting other women | The Sun

CAT-FISHING is usually thought of as a pretty negative dating tactic.

However, one US woman has revealed how she has been investigating a creep on Facebook and has even using her fake profile to find out more about his life offline.

Surprisingly, this story doesn’t start with the would-be Lothario or even dating.

According to Tiktoker @canadiankels, her fake life actually came about from her curiosity about multi-level-marketing – also known as MLM.

Often, the women involved in these controversial pyramid schemes are usually encouraged to sell products to loved ones before also recruiting them.

Though influencer never became involved but she would regularly scour Facebook for MLM groups, using them as a source for her viral videos on Tiktok.

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Having established a second life online, she then met ‘Howard’ and this was the game changer.

The old man claimed he and his wife had been involved in an MLM scheme but sadly, she’d passed away.

Now, he was alone in his alleged 16 bedroom mansion near Atlanta.

Keen to honour her memory, the man was opening his home to women wanting to attend MML conferences in the area – including the TikToker.

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Of course, the Canadian influencer immediately realised that Howard was up to no good after receiving his DM on Facebook.

It was then that this cyber sleuth decided to get her revenge in the best way possible.

Rather than declining the man’s ‘offer’, the Tiktoker continued to chat with him and slowly learned more about his life offline.

Not only was his home not a mansion, but he was still married and had four daughters.

“I found out who this guy is right, find his real wife [who is] still alive,” she explained, adding that she ‘had a bit of fun’ leading him on.

She began messaging the creepy man back and gushed about how ‘kind’ he was by offering up his home.

The influencer even told him man that she was willing to bring two friends over and would sleep in the same bed as him, in a bid to keep her cover up.

“We exchanged voice messages,” she admitted, saying: “This guy is an idiot!”

Eager to reveal all, the content creator kept up her investigation and found out that his wife was a consultant.

After booking an appointment with the wife online, she then said that she had limited time to take her revenge on the unwitting man.

“…[It] gives me exactly a week to have some more fun…what do I do?” she then asked her followers.

Of course, the internet didn’t disappoint with hundreds of comments under the viral video.

“Don’t give him your 'friends info' for as long as possible. Then at the last minute, mention his wife is one of your friends who will by coming along,” suggested one follower.

“Say you can't afford extra baggage on the flight and you need essentials when you arrive. Ask him to go to CVS and get a shopping list,” added another.

A third then commented: “Send him pictures of the outfits you 'plan' to wear, get him to pick his favourite, then tell him you can't afford it to see if he'll splurge.”

Whilst we don’t know the outcome,here's hoping his wife now knows!

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