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IF you pop to the loo in a restaurant, where do you put your napkin? 

An etiquette pro has revealed that we’re all making the same mistake and it makes us look as common as muck.

Mr Javier Moreno prides himself on his perfect manners and teaches others how to be classy, too. 

In a recent video, he showed his fans how to avoid the tackiest mistake at a restaurant. 

He wrote: “Where to put the napkin when you get up halfway through the meal?”

The clip shows Javier displaying his top table manners. 

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The silver fox sits at a posh marble-topped table and pretends to eat a meal. 

Then he takes the napkin from his lap and bundles it in a pile next to his plate as he rises from the chair. 

This is a huge mistake.

“Never on the chair,” the text reads, with a large red cross emblazoned on the screen. 

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Javier wags his finger from side to side, looking at the camera like a disappointed teacher. 

So, if we can’t put our napkins on the table, what do we do with them? 

To explain, Javier replays his example and this time he does it the correct way. 

As he gets up from his seat, he neatly folds the napkin and places it on the arm of the chair. 

If your chair doesn’t have an arm, you can place the napkin on the seat itself. 

“Always on the chair,” the text reads, with a big green tick. 

If you’re wondering why the first way is so wrong, one of Javier’s followers has the answer.

The user said: “If you put it on the table it implies you’ve finished eating to the staff.”

However, not everyone was so keen on following the rule. 

One user replied: “I’ll put it wherever I want, thank you.” 

A second commented: “I always take it home.”

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