I’m an etiquette coach – four fall trends I hate, you won’t catch me in ‘Oompa Loompa shoes’ | The Sun

AN elegance expert has shared the four popular trends to avoid this autumn.

The etiquette coach revealed the common shoe style that may be hindering your look.

In her video, TikTok user Amira Bessette (@amira.bessette) listed the "four trendy fall items I will not be purchasing as an elegance and etiquette coach."

For her first item, the TikToker recommended avoiding any kind of leather pants.

She explained: "No matter what you style them with I’ve never seen these look elegant, classy, or feminine.

"To me, they look rather cheap and quite masculine, and they also remind me of the latex trousers, which tend to look quite tacky."

Amira also revealed why she would never opt for Ugg boots, calling them "Oompa Loompa shoes."

She told viewers: "I know many people say they are amazingly comfortable however, if you want to look elegant this fall I do not recommend these."

Amira also pointed out: "These shoes are absolutely not meant for the wet weather so if you live in a country where it rains or snows a lot, this may not be the best choice."

Next, the fashion expert explained the style of sweater dress to steer clear of.

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She showed her followers an example of a loose-fitting bulky mini sweater dress.

Amira explained: "I love sweater dresses for fall but I think they should be well-fitted and of good quality, also not this length.

"Overall this design does not look very elevated, I would rather opt fora dress that is a bit longer without the baggy sleeves."

Finally, she shared why she would never wear a "suede wrinkly boot."

Amira said: "They can definitely look classy if you style them well however, this is just not my type of elegant style hence I won’t be purchasing them."

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