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FALL weather is here, and people around the country are digging out their favorite pairs of jeans.

An elegance expert has revealed the jean styles that look tacky, and the pairs you should purchase to elevate your look.

TikTok user Antonia Higham shared the types of jeans you should avoid if you want to appear elegant, and what to opt for instead.

The elegance expert advised her viewers against wearing mom jeans, as it can cheapen your appearance.

She also said ripped jeans can look tacky, and should not be worn if you are trying to dress in a classy way.

For her final no-go jean style, Antonia told her followers to avoid light blue jeans.

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"These can look cheap and juvenile," she explained in a caption on her video.

Antonia also provided her followers with suggestions of the jean styles they should opt for instead.

She recommended incorporating white jeans into your wardrobe, regardless of the time of year, to elevate tour look.

Her other tip involved pairing your jeans with a stylish boot, which is not only classy but practical as the weather begins to cool down.

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Antonia's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the fashion advice.

"Damn, I just bought new high waist mom jeans, and [they're] not refundable," wrote one viewer.

Another user said: "Ripped jeans make me so angry."

"I would try to avoid denim as it can look quite casual and average, but there are ways to look elevated in jeans," said a third person.

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