I’m addicted to surgery and treated myself to a £15K makeover for my birthday – my mum demanded I see a therapist | The Sun

WHEN Nicole Zavala broke her nose at just six-years-old, she always dreamt of going under the knife to fix it. 

Fast forward 24 years, she has spent near £140k on plastic surgery and loves the person staring back at her in the mirror.

The 30-year-old shelled out £16k to overhaul her look for the milestone birthday – including new boobs, lips and cheeks. 

Nicole cried happy tears after she first went under the knife for a boob job and nose job at 18, and says the feeling is just as sweet after each needle and incision all these years later.

“My relationship with plastic surgery is actually amazing,” she says. “I just want to go more and more and more.

“I like to look more fake.”

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The Miami-based reality TV star admits she is “addicted” to cosmetic procedures but doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon.

She uses plastic surgery as a way to cope with past traumas, such as her boyfriend being murdered, a miscarriage and being bullied at school. 

Among her surgeries are four boob jobs, multiple rounds of liposuction and three Brazilian Butt Lifts.

Nicole also sports long hair extensions, tattoos, a gleaming set of veneers and eyelash extensions. 

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Trolls have told her she has “fish lips” but she doesn’t care and laughs at the criticism. 

“My family thinks that I’m crazy,” she tells Truly. “Every year is a different procedure, every month I’m doing fillers.

“I don’t think I’m gonna ever stop.

“I feel like my next procedure that I’m gonna get is my hips and my butt done, just because I feel like my boobs are big now and I feel like I have to match that with my butt.”

When she revealed her big birthday makeover to her mum, she got visibly upset and told Nicole to see a therapist for other ways to cope.

Nicole, who stars on VH1’s Cartel Crew in the US, isn’t scared about getting old either.

“I’m not gonna look old,” she smiles. “If I get fixed the way I get fixed with surgery and fillers, how you think when I start reaching 40?

“Man, I’m gonna do double what I’m doing.”

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