I’m a yacht stewardess for the mega rich – I didn’t realise how much money they had until I saw their weekly booze bill | The Sun

THE SKY’S the limit when it comes to how the mega rich live their lives. 

And one yacht stewardess has revealed just how much they can spend on their weekly booze bill.

Caitlin, who often uploads videos to her TikTok page @superyacht revealing what it’s like working on a yacht, shared with her 43.8k followers her shock when she took the order for her bosses. 

The video, which has been viewed 2 MILLION times, was captioned: “On this yacht the rum, tequila, whiskey, wine, champagne etc is never gone!”

She then titled it: “When your charter quests send their alcohol list for the week-long trip and you see the total cost.”

Caitlin then revealed that it was “£30,000.”

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Many of her followers were interested to see what was on “that list.” 

To which she replied: “It’s pretty impressive!” 

Another asked: “What happens if they don’t drink it all?” 

And Caitlin replied: “Guests often drink it all! But if they don’t and are flying private they’ll take it with them.” 

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In another video, Caitlin revealed: “I knew a woman who worked on a superyacht in the Caribbean (not me) and in one month she made over $20,000 in tips and monthly salary. 

“This was over the Christmas and holiday period so lots of charters & 15-18 hour shifts, but worth it I'd say.” 

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