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THIS wedding planner helps guests with everything they might need on the big day, along with a few questions they should make sure to never ask the bride and groom.

Wedding planner Denise Suthoff, who goes by the username @weddingtalk901 on TikTok, explained in a recent video that there are a few particular questions that are impolite when attending any wedding.

Asking to adjust the wedding date around your schedule

This may seem obvious, as it isn't any guest's decision to determine the date of a wedding, but people still try to get the bride and groom to adjust to their schedule.

In the video, Suthoff uses an example.

"Can you make sure not to have your wedding on October 5th? We have a trip planned then," she says.

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It's rude to ask the bride and groom to move around their special day to accommodate the schedule of a guest.

Discussing the cost of the wedding

The second example Suthoff gives would involve asking about the financials of the wedding.

Just as it's often considered impolite to ask someone how much they making for a living, asking a bride and groom how much their wedding cost is just as wrong.

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As another example, Suthoff asks, "How much did this wedding cost, anyways?"

Also included in the theme of asking about money would be additionally bringing up the financial involvement of the parents of the bride and groom.

A particularly distasteful question to Suthoff would be, "Are you paying for this, or are your parents paying for everything?"

Asking about what table your sitting at

Another question you definitely should not ask the bride and groom as a guest involves what table you may be sitting at, according to Suthoff.

Figuring out who goes to which table is a lengthy process for the bride and groom, so on their wedding day, it's best to just find your spot or ask another member of the groomsmen or the maid of honor.

Per the wedding planner, just don't ask, "what table am I sitting at?"

Inquiring about other guests, children, and the wedding ring

Toward the end of Suthoff's examples of bad questions for guests to ask, she includes a few particularly rude questions that she explains the bride should never feel obligated to answer.

Firstly, guests should refrain from asking why the couple didn't invite certain people.

The guest list is tough to make for them, and many things are taken into consideration when limiting the number of invitations they send.

Invasive personal questions like asking about when the couple expects to try and have children are also a big "no."

Lastly, guests should not ask about the cost of or the number of diamonds in the bride's engagement ring.

All of these questions are very inappropriate on the wedding day, according to the expert wedding planner.

"Bride, these are rude and ridiculous questions, and don't feel like you have to answer any of them — this is your day, do things the way that you want to do them," Suthoff says.

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