I’m a vet tech – 5 dog breeds known for their health problems, ‘surgery is usually needed’ for a popular cross-breed | The Sun

A VET technician has revealed five dog breeds notorious for their health problems.

One of these is a popular cross-breed, whose untreated problem could ultimately result in surgery.

So Paige's (@paigeba42) list could save a whole lot of heartbreak and a whole lot of bucks.

This Florida lady has had eight years of experience working as a vet tech, so knows what she is talking about.

In her post, she said: “No breed is perfect. But we love them all anyway.”

First on her list was the loveable Yorkshire Terrier, more affectionately known as the Yorkie, who can experience joint problems.

According to Paige, it was vulnerable to " patella luxation," or knee dislocation.

The lugubrious Bloodhound was next and it comes with a host of eye problems.

These included "dry eye and eye deformities," wrote Paige.

It was the turn of the Shih Tzus next.

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They are beyond cute, but these little guys have been known to suffer from painful eye ulcers.

Then came the cross-breed, all-around family favorite Labrador Retrievers.

It famously will consume anything in its path. But this can have serious consequences for the breed.

Paige said, "Foreign body surgery is usually needed."

Finally, the teeny weeny Chihuahua. Sadly this breed is at risk of cardiac disease, concluded our vet technician.

As usual, the comments section both confirmed and flouted her list.

“I had a Chihuahua for 17 years with no health issues," was one pet owner's experience.

“My Labrador barely eats her food let alone foreign items, Lol, we’re good,” was the cheery response from another.

But most comments backed up the list.

“My Yorkie has the patella," said one viewer.

Similarly, “Our bloodhound gets ear infections so easily and he hates getting the drops or getting them cleaned.”

The final comment was sad: “My Shih Tzu’s eye had to be removed because of an ulcer. I didn’t even know that was common.”

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