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SHAVING can often lead to skin irritation in the form of red bumps and a stinging feeling.

This unpleasant sensation can often feel inevitable during the summer months, but it doesn't have to be.

According to razor company Lane 44 there are three common shaving mistakes which can be easily fixed.

In a TikTok video, the company shared that you should not shave at the beginning of your bath or shower.

This is likely because the warm water softens your hair follicles, allowing for a smoother shave.

The steam from your shower will also open up the pores on your legs, this way you can achieve a closer shave.

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I’m a shaving pro – 3 mistakes which are making your skin itch

The second tip recommends against shaving over the same area repeatedly.

If your razor does not glide over your skin easily, removing hair on the first go, then you may be tempted to repeat the process.

Going over the same area multiple times can cause the skin to become sore and irritated.

The experts at Gillette suggest re-applying your shaving gel if you want to go over an area again.

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And finally, the most highly-debated topic when it comes to shaving methods: Should you go with or against the grain?

Lane 44's video advises TikTok users to always shave with the grain as this can prevent irritation.

Shaving against the direction in which your hair is growing can give an immediate effect, and closer shave.

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However, for anyone with sensitive skin this movement can be enough to irritate the skin.

Red bumps and ingrown hairs are a common occurrence when you shave against the grain.

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