I'm a ripped gym bunny – men always accuse me of posting thirst traps but I only share my glutes to motivate women | The Sun

A SUPER fit gym bunny has attracted tons of attention on social media while trying to motivate fitness fans with her great physical results.

SGorgeous Gracie Collis poked fun at her critics after being scolded for her alleged thirst traps, saying her fitness videos are 'always for my gals.'

The toned athlete, who often posts shorts of her fitness routine online, confuses TikTok users with the motivation behind videos showing off her body.

"Me: Looking like I'm posting a thirst trap," she wrote over a video of her turning around to reveal her tight glutes, at first with some reluctance.

Then, the text overlay changes, and so does Gracie's attitude.

Next, she wrote "Me: Just trying to motivate girls," and then sways her hips to the beat.

This time, she turns around to smile in approval at the exercise-curious folks looking at her channel.

In the comments section, users couldn't help but reflect on what she said about the 'thirst trap.'

Between asterisks, one user said, "attracting all the men," receiving the most likes out of all the comments.

Another user, gender aside, said, "I'm a girl, I find this very motivating."

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Including an evolution of emojis, starting with male and morphing them symbol by symbol into female, a third comment playfully asked "Oh no, what is happening to me?"

A comment called out, "Mission accomplished," prompting workout-obsessed Gracie to say "Thank the Lord," signing off with a winking emoji.

As TikTok users are always there to ask the important questions, one wondered, "Where are the pants from?"

With no hesitation to reveal her style secrets, Gracie shouted out Urban Outfitter's TikTok account in the comments, showing them love with three hearts.

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