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HAVE you ever wondered why you home seems so cluttered even when you've upgraded it with storage solutions?

Well it might be because those storage solutions aren't actually solving any problems but are making it worse.

We spoke to an organising specialist who has revealed some of the worst storage solutions you could get for your home and some are so bad they may even be making things messier.

Emily Patricia Fae is an organising expert who helps her clients create calm and inviting spaces.

But to create a welcoming space you need to first get rid of that clutter bug homeware that keeps hanging around.

So listen up because if you have any of these in your home, they need to go.

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Firstly Emily said: "Magazine racks just get stuffed and forgotten about."

Brace yourself, this ones an hoarding item in disguise.

She said: "Filing cabinets – they encourage you to keep too much paperwork and other stuff gets dumped in it too."

If you are looking for shoe storage please don't put them on your doors.

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Emily said: "Over the door shoe storage – no one is going to pick their shoes up and put them in there regularly and they fit hardly any shoes and look messy."


Book lovers take note, there is a right and wrong bookshelf for your home.

Emily said: "Don't get deep bookshelves. They encourage clutter to build up in front of books with all the free space to just keep stuff."

It's 2023 guys no one needs and entertainment unit with a slots, that's why we have Netflix.

If you are a parent reconsider how you are storing your kids toys.

Emily said: "Toy chests are only great for chucking stuff in but if your kids need to find anything they have to chuck it all back out again."

The organising pro as a great tip if clothes keep falling in your closet.

She said: "Get rid of plastic hangers because clothes slip off them easily and they break easily too."

"Velvet Hangers allow for more grip and look nicer."

Turns out there is a reason you seem to have a lot of unnecessary clutter in your living room.

Emily says: "Big coffee tables with storage inside or underneath just encourages you to put things that don't need in a home. You don't actively see them and they encourage clutter."

If for some reason you have trunks anywhere in your home get rid of them.

Emily says: "They are too deep and hard to keep neat and tidy so they become a mess and encourage leaving things out that is too hard to put away."

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Lastly get yourself some dividers for your under cupboard kitchen drawers and your under bed drawers.

Emily says: "It's hard to get pans out and lids get stuck and everything falls around. Dividers will help them stop forming a dumping ground under you bed."

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